Monday, October 18, 2010

Updated Info:

Saturday October 23rd -- Walker's Nightclub in support to Lipstickface/Aunty Panty. We are on early around 9:30pm. $5 cover charge. We are playing a 6 song set with 5 songs you've never heard us play before.

Saturday October 30th -- Erotic Encounters Boutique -- Murder At The Brothel House -- doors are open at 7:30pm.

November 20nd -- SCORPIO FEST. Brenda's annual house party.

We have a new jam space. It's quite tiny so we all practice in a circle facing eachother. I really like this formation, but it's kinda inclusive.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Remember Buck?

I got to look after him today:

He is also 6 months today!

Of course I serenaded him with my banjo.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bad, bad, Band

We were on a haitus --
And now we're back!

We have kinda re-formed.

We used to be 2 banjos, one guitar, and a mandolin.

We are now: a banjo, an electric guitar, a 1/3 electric guitar, a mandolin, and we have added a drummer (Brenda). AND we are working on getting a fiddle player.
We might keep our band name. We might change our band name. We don't really know where this is going. We will still play our acoustic sets, but now since we can plug in, we are way more adaptable and rockin'.

We have a couple gigs coming up:
October 23rd at Walkers (it will be a 5 song set)
October 30th at Erotic Encounters Boutique (Halloween Show)

We are working on exact times and details so please check back.

Meet our new drummer Brenda:

Pictures / Info / Fun to come!

We have so many new songs! including some gospel! oh lordy!