Saturday, September 3, 2011


Holy, it's been over two months since our last update. We've been pretty busy lately -- practicing, writing new songs, and getting ready to record a gospel album in October. We lost our jam space at the end of August (currently looking for a new one) and hosted a great jam space farewell party. We took some band trips, tried to write a one hit wonder, and added a fiddle player.

We have some shows to announce:

September 3rd: we're playing JALE's grand closing party. We are on at 5 pm at Jale (Caffe Sola). We are also working the bar that night from 10:30-12:30 am. It's a fundraiser for VIVE to help them open a new space in the spring.

September 15th: in support to BOG RIVER (Winnipeg, MB). It's a new performance space in Saskatoon and I believe that we are going to be one of the first band's to host a show in there. More details as they come. CANCELLED.

November 14th: Bruno, SK with ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS (Toronto, ON) at Bruno Arts Bank. We are super excited for this show since they are one of our favourite bands.

We also have a few more shows not finalized yet, but here is a video of a weekend we spent up north at Candle Lake:

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