Sunday, August 5, 2012


Thanks for the support everyone.

We had a wonderful time out east. We feel very lucky to be able to leave the prairies and still have successful shows.

We've uploaded an album on Facebook of our travels. You can check it out HERE.

We are officially sold out of our HAG shirt as well. We will be getting some more printed sometime in the next month or so as well as getting our new CD printed in better cases. We play Moose Jaw Summerfest Sunday August 19th at 3:45 pm. Other than that, we are going to lay low for 6 weeks or so and work on some new material. We are planning on playing Calgary and Edmonton in October as well as Regina.

And we play Co-op Fest on November 2nd at The Odeon.

Take care. Enjoy the rest of your summer. Some of us 'Hags will be adventuring out to rural Saskatchewan to work on a potato farm for harvest!